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Many people today are struggling with emotional and physical issues. Problems such as substance abuse, relationship conflicts, stress, hopelessness, depression, and physical pain can be debilitating if not devastating . In many cases, it can even lead to suicide.

But you can help!.

Make contact. Show you care. “Reach Out. Check In.” can be as simple as a casual phone call to catch up with a schoolmate. A cup of coffee with a colleague. A ball game with a friend. A walk in the park with a family member. Even just saying “hello” as you pass in the hall.

The smallest gesture can make a big difference. It can even save a life.

For more information, call (480) 616-0133.

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Touch Angels LLC provide individuals and families with the opportunity to focus their lives and develop the confidence, skills, intellectual ability, spiritual insight and moral integrity - each based on Godly principles, resulting in positive changes to the benefit of the individuals, the family, the community, and the nation.

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